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Commercial Lot Financing - 2014 Land Mortgage - Private Money Land Lender Refinance Bridge

Commercial Lots and Land Loans for 2014

Commercial land loan financing is available today!  Pick up the phone and call us to discuss your commercial lot opportunity.  Money is available to lend for regardless the stage of development.  We have over 30 years of combined commercial land financing experience.  There are very few banks lending for commercial land but, we are!  Some products offered include:

  • Speed - We will give you a quick answer with expeditious closing times

  • NO or Alternative documentation

  • NO Pre Payment Penalties

  • Cross collateralization

  • Interest only financing options

Money deployed on Commercial Lots can be used for the acquisition, refinance, or cash out.  If you are a broker or referring source, we work with brokers.



Raw land - Commercial Un-Entitled land - Entitled land - PUD - Mixed use developments - Horizontal Construction - Vacant land - Paper lots - TIFS
Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out, DPO, Foreclosure prevention, Bank Work Out, Stalled Sub-divisions - Commercial Land Financing is available today!
Hawaii, Oregon - Colorado - Utah - New Mexico - California - Arizona - Nevada - Florida - Idaho - Oregon, Florida and other markets considered Nationwide.
$500,000 to $20,000,000
12 to 36 months
6% to 13% Interest Only - Fully amortized commercial land loan is also available
Interest Only - Interest reserve (no monthly payment)
Typically - 30-50% as is value bases upon an appraisal
1st Lien only
Typically None
None - Pricing will be related to the overall risk
1% - 5% of the loan amount - Depends on the commercial land loan program.
0% is typical
Borrower is responsible for all third party report fees. Typical range $3,500 - $9,500 after written approval.
3 weeks give or take a few days is typical
  • Executive summary of the commercial land financing
  • Aerial Photos or existing appraisal
  • Sources and uses
  • Purchase contract or LOI if acquisition
  • PFS and idea of credit
  • Exit Strategy - How the loan will be re-paid


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