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Blanket Loans for Commercial Property

Say you have a portfolio of rental properties that you have been building or acquiring for the past few years and they are all single family homes or a combination of properties meaning, you have 15 SFR's (Single Family Residences) - 5 condos - and 1 apartment building under separate loans with separate lending institutions.  You have to write 21 different monthly checks and like most banks, require send annual auditing statements to multiple people.

Like the property insurance that covers all of your asset under a single policy or payment, a blanket loan or commercial blanket loan acts much in the same manor.  Our new lending platform take any number of properties and combines into a single manageable blanket loan.  1 payment, one set of documents.  1 special purpose corporation. 

Often Non-Recourse for loans above $3,000,000, our commercial blanket loans are now being deployed and actively closing in 2014. Please contact us if you have anything you would like to discuss. 888-375-5355

To answer some common questions regarding this blanket loan mortgage product include:

Q.  What are the Blanket Loan Rates?

A.  Hard to accurately quote commercial mortgage rates - Today - February 6, 2014 we are pricing on the 5 and 10 year swap index.  Which today, equates to 5.5% and 6.75% respectfully.

Q.  Is there a pre-payment penalty?

A.  Yes.  4.5 years of yield maintenance - 9.5 years of yield maintenance.

Q.  What is the amortization?

A.  We have either a 25 or 30 year amortization - Depends on the age, location, and loan size.

Q.  What type of property is considered?

A.  Most all single family 1-4 unit homes, condominiums, town homes, and apartment buildings in most areas of the United States.

Q.  How many rental properties can be included in the blanket loan?

A.  Anywhere from 5 units to 5,000 - There is really no maximum amount.

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SFR - Refinance Portfolio of Single Family Homes - Condos - Apartments
Purchase or Refinance
California - South Carolina - DC - Georgia - Atlanta - Colorado - Nevada - Las Vegas - Arizona - North Dakota - Chicago - Illinois - Indiana - Washington - Oregon and other markets considered.
$500,000 - $35,000,000+
5 and 10 year fixed rates
Priced to the 5 & 10 year Swap Index
25 - 30 year
Up to 75% as is value bases upon appraisals or BPO
1st mortgage only
.5% - 2% of the loan amount - Depends on the Opportunity and deal size.
All third party report fees will be the borrowers obligation.
45-65 days
  • REO Tape - Ask your Specialist
  • PFS and idea of credit


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