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Apartment Mortgage Financing Options for Apartment Properties Nationwide

Apartment & Multifamily Mortgage Financing Options

We have aggressive pricing options for 2014 if you are in the market to refinance or purchase a performing apartment building property for loans ranging from $500,000 to $30,000,000+

As a direct lender, we have access to FNMA, HUD, FHA, Conduit or (CMBS) and true portfolios that do not require the government backstops to underwrite and close your opportunity.

We understand there challenges with every transaction and our make-since underwriting methods coupled with our over 20 years experience in lending make the approval process quick and painless.  Call us today for a free consultation. 

Typically a 5 minute conversation can yield valuable advice and pricing options.  We do not charge up front fees!

If you need require apartment financing with a small balance - under $500,000 please click here for additional information.

In order to qualify, for this program strong credit, decent liquidity, and a performing asset must be present.  Meaning the property must be in good habitable condition, little to no deferred maintenance, and ~90% occupancy rates and a 1.2x DSCR.

If you are missing any one of the above criteria, don't get frustrated, we have other multifamily apartment programs that you maybe interested in reading about.

  • Private Money is available and thriving today if you don't qualify for bankable loans.

  • Stated Investor loans for apartments - No borrower Tax Returns







Apartment Mortgage Rates  

Apartment rates are obviously, subject to change but, here is a range of the type of "A" paper apartment rates you will receive for well qualified borrowers and properties.

  • 3 - 5 - and 10 year fixed rates

  • 4.99% to 6.875% 25 year and 30 year amortization

  • Flexible pre-payment penalties

  • 0-2% Loan origination (depends on the program)

We work with good and bad credit borrowers.  Full income and non-traditional bank loans are offered for apartment loans.


Apartment Mortgage Rate Options:

If you are located in areas such as Indiana, Florida, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Iowa, Illinois, Washington, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina and a few others bankable financing is making a comeback.

Free Consultation: Simply call us Toll Free at 888-375-5355 and one of our specialist will be more than happy to help.


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